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You Asked, We Answered: Do You Need a Root Canal If Your Tooth Stops Hurting?

July 20, 2023

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Since root canals are one of the most feared treatments, it’s not surprising that patients try to avoid it at all costs. If you struggle with the same anxiety, then you may be wondering, “Do you need a root canal if your tooth stops hurting?” Here’s the answer (and why root canal treatment is actually good news!).

So, Do You Need a Root Canal If Your Toothache Goes Away?

Yes, you still need root canal treatment even if your toothache goes away. In fact, a once painful toothache that’s gone radio silent is often an even larger indicator that this tooth-saving treatment is necessary since the nerve of your tooth has been “killed” by the infection. Simply put, pain isn’t the only symptom of a severely damaged or decayed tooth, so don’t postpone restorative care simply because your toothache has subsided.

4 Symptoms of a Severely Damaged or Decayed Tooth

As we mentioned in the previous section, pain isn’t the only warning sign to look out for. Other symptoms of extensive dental damage include:

  • A pimple-like bump on your gums.
  • Dark pigmentation on the tooth.
  • Discomfort when biting down.
  • Red, inflamed, and swollen gums.

Why Root Canal Treatment Is Actually Good News

The benefits of root canal treatment are rarely, if ever, discussed – that’s part of the reason the reputation of this restorative dental service is so scary! With this in mind, here are a few noteworthy benefits to consider:

  • Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, it alleviates it!
  • Root canal treatment saves your natural tooth.
  • Root canal treatment is safe and has a high success rate.
  • Root canal treatment is more cost-effective than an extraction and dental implant.

Now you know a bit more about root canal treatment, including why it’s needed even if your toothache subsides. Of course, if you have any other questions about this tooth-saving service, don’t hesitate to let your dental team know!

About the Author

Dr. Patrick Crowley has called Oklahoma home for many years now, and he loves helping his neighbors and friends in Edmond achieve their best smiles yet! For his studies, he attended the University of Central Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry before completing the AEGD residency program at OU. As a result, he has extensive experience in everything from placing and restoring dental implants to cosmetic dentistry. Plus, he is an active member of the Academy of General Dentistry. If you want to learn more about root canal treatment – from when it’s necessary to why it’s beneficial – visit his website or call (405) 751-5515.

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