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Family Dentistry – Edmond, OK

Keeping Every Member of the Family Smiling

Happy family smiling outdoors after family dentistryOn a “slow” day, most families have more to do than they have time to do it. Fitting dental checkups at multiple dental offices on different days of the week into these schedules can be a real struggle. Rather than stretching yourself thin visiting numerous dental offices, Bluff Creek Dental invites you to experience the difference of family dentistry in Edmond, OK. We welcome patients of all ages to visit our comfortable, state-of-the-art dental office. From the age of 1 to 101, we’ve got your oral health and hygiene needs covered. That means you can take some extra time to do something even more fun than visiting the dentist with your family!

Convenient, Comfortable, & Consistent Dental Care

happy young woman in dentist chair after family dentistryWe want to make caring for your smile fit your schedule. We are happy to set aside a block of appointments to see your whole family on the same day. No need to schedule multiple appointments or take extra time away from work, school, and other daily tasks. In addition to removing the need to juggle multiple appointments at numerous dental offices, our family dental office is comfortable for you and your child. A pediatric dental office is great for kids, but parents don’t always feel as comfortable in these brightly colored dental offices full of children and toys. At Bluff Creek Dental, we have comfortable spaces for kids and adults.

Another reason why kids without any serious concerns with their dental development should see the same dentist is consistency. The more often Dr. Crowley examines your smile, the more familiar he is with your normal appearance and function. Because he notices even small changes right away, Dr. Crowley is able to diagnose oral health concerns in the earliest stages. This early diagnosis and treatment significantly reduces patient risk for advanced dental damage or decay.

No Need for Possibly Stressful Dental Office Transitions for Kids

Happy child at dentist for family dentistryMany parents think that a child has to visit a pediatric dentist in Edmond. However, unless your child has very serious concerns with their dental development, a family dentist will be able to provide safe, effective treatments. If your child begins dental care with a pediatric dentist, he or she will need to make a transition into the an adult dental office around the age of ten or eleven. For many kids, this can be very stressful, and the switch from a pediatric dental office to an adult dental office is one of the reasons many young patients experience anxiety associated with the dentist. Our family dental office will make dental care comfortable and free from fear, pain, and stress for your child. Our friendly, gentle dentistry team makes visiting the dentist a treat!

Comprehensive Care from a Dentist Who Knows Your Smile

woman talking to her dentist during family dentistry visitAt our Edmond OK dental office, we provide a wide range of services that meet every patient need with an emphasis on prevention. That means we partner with you to keep your smile whole and healthy with regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings. These twice a year appointments typically allow us to prevent major oral health issues before they start, and diagnose and treat other concerns in the earliest stage. That means you maintain a whole, healthy smile for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions - Family Dentistry

Whether you are a brand-new parent or you’ve been raising your kids for several years now, you probably have many questions when it comes to their oral health. At Bluff Creek Dental, we want to reassure you that it’s okay to have questions regarding your family’s oral health needs. That’s why our dentists have provided a series of answers for the most common questions our dental office receives! We look forward to helping you the best of our ability and encourage you to call us directly if you need additional guidance.

What should I look for in a family dentist?

There are many ways to determine if you’ve found a family dentist that meets your needs. For example, you can start by checking out the publicly posted reviews that are available on their social media pages. Take a moment to browse through their services on their website (if applicable) and if they have the technology you’re looking for, whether it’s for you or your family members. Set up a consultation with their dental office so you can have an opportunity to meet with the dentist directly and get to know their personality.

Do you take my dental insurance?

Our dental office is happy to work with most major insurance companies, so your family can make the most of your benefits, especially for your youngest family members. Of course, those who don’t have dental insurance or would prefer to use another option can take advantage of our dental office’s in-house plan, which you can read about in more detail here.

When should my child first visit the dentist? 

We are happy to see children of all ages at our dental office near Piedmont, but we typically recommend parents to bring in their child once their first tooth erupts or within six months of their first birthday. Our team is more than prepared to work with children of all ages and we look forward to showing them that the dental office can be a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone!

Are my child's baby teeth important? 

Absolutely. Baby teeth are meant to fall out eventually on their own, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t play a major role in their development. For example, baby teeth act as a placeholder for permanent teeth, giving them the time they need to grow and develop. If a baby tooth comes out too early, either because of a physical injury or from decay, it can cause the permanent tooth to erupt prematurely.

What does my child's first dental visit look like?

It’s important to keep in mind that since your child likely doesn’t have many teeth to examine (or perhaps any teeth at all yet), their initial dental visit is going to be more focused on important habits they’ll need to maintain to keep their oral health in check. We’ll also discuss future treatments that parents should consider for them, such as dental sealants and fluoride therapy. With that said, we will likely keep their dental exam very brief. You can even have them sit on your lap if that makes them feel more comfortable.

Do you provide most services in house?

Yes we do! Whether you’re in need of basic exams and cleanings, dental crowns and bridges, dental implants and other tooth replacements, cosmetic enhancements, gum therapy, emergency dentistry, you can get it here!