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Are Same-Day Crowns Better than the Traditional Approach?

April 26, 2019

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Types of dental crowns

Same-day crowns are the newest thing when it comes to dental care for time-sensitive patients. But do they offer real advantages over more traditional methods? The best way to answer this question is to do a direct comparison of both options. Use the information in this post to make an informed decision for yourself.

The Old-Fashioned Approach to Dental Crowns

Traditional treatment begins with the first trip to the dentist. He or she drills down into the tooth and shapes it to receive the restoration. Finally, an impression is made of the bite which is sent to a distant dental lab to create the crown.

The patient goes home from the first treatment with a temporary product in place. He or she returns to the lab days later to have the crown fitted. If it’s a good match for the oral profile, that all is well and good. If there’s a problem with the restoration, then the process must start over. This can increase waiting times for the patient by a factor of weeks or even longer.

How Modern Same-Day Crowns Work

The first part of the visit is similar to the traditional approach. The dentist diagnoses the problem and recommends a crown as the solution. He or she then applies a tasteless, non-toxic solution to the tooth. This allows an imaging device to create an ultraprecise picture of the patient’s dental profile.

The patient is able to see how his or her restored tooth will appear after treatment. If everything looks good, then the image is downloaded into an on-site medical-grade replication device that crafts the actual crown.

Once it’s ready, the dentist places the restoration. The patient is then able to go about his or her day, free of the dental problems that brought them to the dentist’s office in the first place. The entire visit often takes less than one hour.

As you can see, same-day crowns offer major advantages over the traditional approach. These include:

  • No need for a return visit: one brief trip is all it takes to enjoy the benefits of a restored tooth.
  • Empowerment: patients are able to see exactly what their new crown will look like, making them an active participant in their own dental care.
  • Peace of mind: same-day crowns remove the anxiety that comes with waiting for the process to be complete. It also prevents needless discomfort, as the patient will no longer have to spend days or weeks dealing with a temporary crown.

How Long Do Same-Day Crowns Last?

Same-day crowns are made to the same high standards as traditional versions. They can last for up to 30 years provided the patient follows basic self-care steps like these:

  • Proper dental hygiene: this includes regular brushing and flossing, as well as biannual trips to the dentist for an oral exam and professional cleaning.
  • Eating a sensible diet: this means eating plenty of healthy, nutritious foods and minimizing sugar, simple starch, and alcohol consumption.
  • Avoiding tobacco and illicit drugs: both types of products can have devastating effects, not only for your oral health but your entire body.

Talk to your dentist about the benefits of same-day crowns. You’ll soon have more than enough reasons to smile.

About the Author

Long-time Oklahoma City resident Dr. Patrick Crowley earned his DDS degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. His office now offer same-day crowns. You can reach the practice online or by calling (405) 751-5515.

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